Titanium Bolt Handles - 100% Made in the USA

About us

In all of my hobbies, fishing, backpack hunting, dog training, etc… I’ve never been one to leave “well enough” alone. I always want to make my equipment perform the best it can possibly be, or at least look a little different. In the hunting world, very few things rival the feelings or emotions that banded birds evoke. To me, bands are a tangible connection to your pursuit that adds to the story beyond the time spent with friends and family, and the meat on your table... and I wanted to include that as part of my gun. My Dad (Butch) and I, brainstormed a few ideas and he started cutting steel. After we built a few prototypes, and a few revisions, we landed on a solid, simple, and clean design, showcasing that very special piece of waterfowling tradition, the band. As we can't leave well enough alone, Dad wanted to make them even better, Titanium was the answer. Hunting buddies loved the look and wanted one for their guns, so we built a handful more... which led to more people seeing them and instantly wanting one of their own. We are a family run company who is passionate about the experience of chasing waterfowl and we are proud to provide this small piece to waterfowlers who share our same passions.